Five Things to Consider When Choosing New Window Treatments

Window Shutters

Are you looking to revamp your space? You’d be amazed at how adding new window treatments can transform your entire home or office.

With so many different options out there, we know window treatment shopping can be a bit of a task, so we put together a helpful list of 5 things to consider when searching for new designs in New York City.

1. Functionality

The first thing you will want to consider, is what purpose will your window treatments serve.
This is where you will decide if you want your new window treatments to:

a.Add Privacy to Your Space
b.Block out harmful UV Rays to protect floors, furniture, or work
c.Reduce Excess Lighting and Glare
d.Completely Darken a Room for better sleep
e.Provide Energy Efficiency
f.Solely Serve a Decorative Purpose

2. Safety

When thinking about the safety of your window treatments, you may want to consider motorized and cordless options if you have small children or pets.
Fire-Rated fabrics are also a great thing to think about when choosing your product.

3. Design

Many would think the look and design of the window treatment would be the very first thing on the list, however not every design can serve the ultimate purpose you are looking for.
What kind of window covering would better serve your purpose AND aesthetic desires?

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite style, you can play around with different fabrics and colors to see which choices complements your decor best.


How would you like to control your new window treatments? Are you a traditional person who doesn’t mind the manual manipulation of your shades and blinds, or are you a tech savvy individual who prefers to operate your treatments via wireless controllers or smartphones?

What kind of window covering would better serve your purpose AND aesthetic desires?

5.Online Shopping Vs. In Person

Although online shopping is very convenient, that may not be the best option when it comes to window treatments.
Have you ever purchased a gorgeous top online and when it finally came in the mail, it looked NOTHING like the photos? Now imagine that same scenario with a larger purchase such as window treatments for your entire home or office.

Some companies, like New York Window Fashion,  offer a full service! This includes FREE on-site consultations and FREE measurements. Why not take advantage?
You also will get the opportunity to compare different colors and fabrics, learn about all the different window treatments there are that fit your unique needs, and receive information on different motorization options.
Best of all, once you’ve made your final decision, you will have peace of mind knowing your window treatments were installed by professionals.

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