Guide to Solar Shades

solar Shades Fabric Color

Solar Shades, also referred to as Screen Shades are window treatments that designed to control privacy, lighting, and block out solar UV rays that can negatively impact your furniture, artwork and décor. Not all solar shades are the same however, you can purchase them in different fabric colors and “openness” which offer different benefits.

Use this blog as a helpful guide to determine which fabric color and shade opacity is right for your project and needs.


Openness refers to the amount you can see through the shade and is labeled by a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more “open” and transparent the shade will be and therefore, the lower the percentage, the less you can see.  (It is important to note that the time of day, combined with the openness of the fabric and color of the shade also influence the opacity, visibility and how much privacy you will have).

Solar Shades Openness

Pictured here, solar shade openness from 1% to 14%

Fabric Color

The benefits of solar shades are also determined by the color of fabric used. Lighter colors, such as white or neutrals, reduce solar heat gain and offer more energy efficiency. With darker colors, as seen in the photo below, you get a better view of the outside and better glare control.

solar Shades Fabric Color


Like most window treatments, solar screen shades can be operated in many ways. You can go with corded or chained options, spring assist, or motorized.

Motorized solar shades create a more energy efficient option. This gives you the ability to program your shades to raise and lower during certain times of the day, allowing you to keep your space at the optimal temperature all-day long.

Motorized options include hardwired motors, battery operated wireless motors, and even solar powered options are available.

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