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How Motorized Shades Can add Value to your Properties in New York City

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When looking at the skyscape of New York City, you see the Big Apple is filled with miles of beautiful high-rise luxury developments. With many of these properties offering amazing views and luxury amenities such as fitness centers, spas, entertainment areas, concierge services and more, developers need more creative ways to stand apart from the rest.

Believe it or not, the simple addition of motorized shades can increase the value and demand of your property.

With motorized shades, your tenants can receive the following benefits:

Convenience/ Ease of Operation

Use the ease and convenience of technology to your advantage. With motorized window shades tenants can control their atmosphere, lighting, glare, and privacy with ease.

Motorized Shades offer operation via wall switches, hand-held remotes, smart devices, and even voice control.

When automated, motorized window coverings can open and close on a set schedule, allowing your tenants to enjoy the perfect ambiance any time of day without lifting a finger.

Easy Maintenance

Motorization removes the need to manually adjust shades. This allows less wear and tear and reduces the need to clean the fabric frequently.

Effortless Privacy

With automated window coverings, tenants can add privacy to their home whenever it’s needed. Whether they are home or away, a simple command can adjust the entire shading system in the home to restrict peering eyes from neighboring properties.

Energy Savings

With large, expansive windows comes large responsibility, especially when it comes to energy costs.  Motorized window treatments can help your tenants save money on their energy bill year-round.

During the winter, tenants can schedule their shades to open during the afternoon to take advantage of the natural warming sunlight which can give the heater a break, and in the Summer, the shades can be programmed to lower during the hottest parts of the day to reduce solar heat gain and keep the interior temperature at a cool and comfortable level.

Let New York Window Fashion help you add beauty, convenience and energy efficiency to your spaces with custom motorized window shades. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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