Battery Powered Operated System

Skylights, doors and windows can create a challenge in concealing unpleasant power cords. The solution to this problem is a wire-free battery powered operated system. In addition, this system provides you with the same benefit as motorized blinds and shades. You can use the battery powered operated system to power a lot of windows in your home for a clean aesthetic style without the need for construction or rewiring.

The battery operated system utilizes easy-to-replace long lasting batteries and at the same time offers you the convenience as any wired motorized system. If you’re searching for a way to upgrade your window treatments without bothering about the installation of wired system, then the battery powered system is the perfect choice. They are compatible with a broad range of controls such as hand held remotes, wireless wall switches and automated timers, so you get to choose the installation option that mostly suits your requirements. At the end, what you get with the battery powered system is a perfectly blind/shade system with an integrated battery powered motor that will operated the blinds/shades seamlessly and quietly.