Cornices are blocks of woods in most cases that is molded into a unique shape and mounted above window frames to give ‘life’ to windows. Cornices are stationary window accents that can add increased sense of architectural interest to any room in your home. Even though their main use is for windows, Cornices can also be used on arches and walls. The main benefit of using cornices are to enhance the characteristic and overall beauty of your home.

Cornices offer a wide range of selections when it comes to window treatments. They are normally made of lightweight wood material, then upholstered and finished in any material of your choice. This will not only create a point of attention in the room, but will also add to the window’s dimensional feel.

There are just many choices when it comes to cornices and whether you decide to go for wider ones or not will depend on the type of drapes you have underneath the cornice board. Let our design experts help you customize just the right cornice for your home.

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