Upholstered furniture is a great way to give new impressions to your chair, sofa or couch. Sometimes, it’s good idea to refresh the upholstery of your furniture if they have lost their original look and sheen, covered with stains, or becomes weary. Your furniture can serve you for decades if the structure is intact and not damaged yet. So, it’s the best idea to get rid of them once they become weary. Reupholstering will not only prolong the life of your furniture but will save you some money as well.

Our reliable and cautious upholstery professionals can take your choice leather, fabric or trim and transform them into an excellent customized pieces that will accentuate the overall design of your room. Whether it’s couches, ottomans, loveseats or chairs, we can help you choose the right materials and trim that will perfectly fit into the overall scheme of your design. Our professionals know how to effectively combine upholstering materials of different color pallets to give you exactly what you want with your furniture.