Grommet Drapes

Grommet drapes have gained a lot of popularity for itself over the past years. The drapes are capable of transforming a room from conventional and boring to modern and very fashionable. Grommet drapes are made from different types of fabrics, which makes them look chic and naturally flowing. Popular choices for these drapes include polyester, cotton and silk.

Quite unlike the pocket drapes, they are usually fitted with plastic or metal eyelets in a way that the curtain rod passes through these holes after installation. Since these rods will be visible at all times, it will require some consideration when selecting your curtain rods.

Grommet drapes can be customized to suit your room’s décor, thereby allowing you to introduce color and texture into your space.
These drapes are fully functional and as a result can be slid over the rod without any problem whatsoever. In addition, they have natural folds, which allows them to hang with ease. Likewise, removing them for cleaning or when you want to change them is very easy too.