Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood shutters are classic dovetail construction, hardwood plantation shutters made with solid wood louvers combined with MDF fixing frames. They are mostly used for bay and sash windows, and have become a popular window treatment option. These shutters are a good window treatment option and offers an excellent value for money as a result of their solid wood product. They provide a furniture-quality solid wood product at an entry level pricing, thereby making them a great alternative to premium hardwood products.

Hardwood shutters also present a great option when it comes to style because they provide a plain instead of a grooved stile, thereby making for a simpler and cleaner look. If you’re looking for a café style and tier on tier shutters for your living room windows, then hardwood shutters can effectively serve the intended purpose. These shutters are available in a variety of pain and finish options, which allows them to easily coordinate with concepts from light and airy to dark and classical. Most homeowners prefer them as a result of their durability and the value they add to homes. We have expert designer team that can help understand why these shutters are an amazing when it comes to utility and style.