Integration with A/V Systems

Take charge of all your automated shading options, and also integrated lighting, security, audio and interior temperature controls by partnering our window treatment solutions with third party systems. Our integrated shade and blind control systems allows you to run a green and lean home or business with smooth blind and shade systems that work at the touch of a button. Besides efficiency, aesthetics is also important to us, so we make available a lot of style options from modern shades to elegant, beautiful draperies.

Our smooth technology is easily adaptable to wall mounted control stations, iPads, touch screens and Android devices. We can intuitively automate the system to react based on time of the day, temperature, and outdoor light levels. This enables you to control your blinds or shades whether you’re home or not. We understand the importance of keeping up to industrial trends. Our expert team are well informed on the latest developments in the industry and are able to integrate your window treatments with the most leading home automation system available.