Skylight Honeycombs

Skylight honeycombs are a revolution in energy efficiency. The hexagon shaped cells of the honeycomb design trap a layer of air between the fabric of the shade, thereby insulating your home against cold and heat, which significantly reduces the loss of energy through the windows. In addition, the skylight honeycomb blocks UV rays while allowing natural light into the room. The honeycomb design comes with crisp pleats both on the front and back and as a result when the shade is opened, it will blend very well with your roof and making your house look just as beautiful from inside as it does on the outside.

The shade has a variety of comb options and sizes and this allows you to match the appropriate size to the proportion of your skylight. With skylight honeycomb, you can add privacy, gently soften sunlight or achieve total black out – all depending on your selection. Our honeycomb designs come in multiple fabrics, both blackout. We also offer motorized and manual options, and can assist you in selecting the best shading solution that will add more benefit to your home.