Skylight Roller Shades

Skylight shades are available in opaque, sheer, and semi-sheer fabrics.
These shades allow you to make the most of your skylight installations by putting you in total control of the amount of light you want entering inside your home. Our innovative roller shades can help prevent UV rays from damaging your interiors and at the same time saving you energy. Skylight roller shades offer hands-on advantage and its unique construction ensures that these features will keep performing for years to come.

They also have the motorization option, which makes it very convenient to open or close at any time of the day. The shades are professionally installed on a track and roll smoothly to not affect the views. You can use the opaque fabric-type of these shades to block out light completely or the sheer fabric-type to protect your furnishings from UV damage while not sacrificing your daylight views. An unprotected skylight can generate a lot of glare and heat. Skylight roller shades is just the ideal solution. They are available in variety of options and you will no doubt find a shade that can fit in with your home décor.

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