Slip Covers

Slip covers have the ability of dressing up your furniture to fit tightly over the frame, fabric and cushions. Our customized slip covers can fit amazingly so well with your furniture, thereby making them look more original while allowing you to specify the patterns or colors you want with your space. Custom slip covers can undoubtedly change the look of your room, as well as extend the life of your furniture. They enable you to effortlessly change the appearance of your room, while still preserving the furniture underneath. In addition, they are quite practical for rental homes and vacation houses.

Slip covers are particularly well-known for their utility and versatility, and also allowing for easy and quick changes whenever it’s needed. They are pet-friendly, kid-friendly and environmental-friendly and you can never go wrong with them. They are easy to keep clean as well – just throw them in a washer or take to a local cleaner. We can create a custom slip cover for any piece of furniture in your office or home. Finally, you have the ability of accessorizing your home or office new look with custom toss pillows of any size and shape.