Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are traditional window blinds that provide insulation and density, and are perfect for privacy.

Wood has always been an amazing material to work both for trim, furniture and accessories.

Wood blinds come in a variety of colors, styles and finishes, and can be louvered with a center control adjustment bar or full-length slats. These blinds have a way of dressing up a room like no other blind would. They are firm but has a soft feel and look. They are friendly and warm, but quite traditionally dressy at the same time.

Wood blinds are made available with a matching up valance that covers the attachment mechanism and the head rail, and can be used for privacy and total blackout when completely shut.
Some of the slats of wood blinds are one-inch narrow, even though they are usually two inches deep. These blinds also have the motorization option as this makes their adjustment easier. They are easy to clean and is a perfect choice when you have children because of their durability.

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