Three Must-Haves for 2018

blackout shades

Every New Year, most of us have the mindset of “Out with the old, in with the new!”  and we wanted to make sure you don’t forget to add one, if not all, of these three things to your lists of must-haves this upcoming year!

Blackout Shades

Resolutions are not always the easiest to stick to, but we know something that can help! Adequate rest!

Getting a great night’s sleep is essential to seizing the day. Waking up refreshed can help you stick to your resolutions of working out in the morning, cooking breakfast instead of rushing to a fast food chain before work, and even being more productive and less prone to stress at work so you can focus more on getting that promotion you want this year!

Blackout shades are your best option, as they block out artificial and natural light outside, allowing you to have the optimum amount of darkness from the moment you rest your head until you’re ready to greet the day!

For an added bonus, if your goal is to take more naps, we’ve got you there too.  Blackout shades and their room darkening effect allow anytime to turn into nighttime

blackout shades

Energy Efficient Products

If one of your resolutions is to save more money, replacing house-hold products with more energy efficient ones is a great place to start.

The simplest change can be with your window treatments. Replacing your existing window coverings with more energy efficient ones such as cellular shades, solar shades or certain drapery can help lower your energy bills. This is done by keeping a uniform temperature throughout your home and keeping heat and cold outside.

With the money you save on energy bills, you can focus on other 2018 goals, like traveling or treating yourself more. Just think of all the possibilities!

Energy efficient products

Somfy Motorized Window Treatments

This option is our favorite, because you can achieve both options 1 and 2 with Somfy motorized window treatments. When we think Somfy, we think convenience.

With Somfy motorized window treatments, you can:

  1. Programming your window treatments, such as setting your blackout shades to gradually open in the morning to slowly let light in the room and gently wake you.
  2. Scheduling your window treatments can help you save energy since you can schedule them to open and close during the peak hours of the day (hottest or coldest times depending on the season) to help keep your indoor temperature uniform for longer periods of time.
  3. Control your window treatments with a remote, cell phone, tablet, wall switch or even with your existing home automation system.
  4. Use voice control to adjust your shades via Somfy’s new Alexa Skill. You can use this to WOW your guests, because let’s admit it, voice control is pretty cool.

Let us help you jazz up 2018 and achieve some of your resolutions through custom window treatments. Call us or stop by today to schedule your FREE one-on-one consultation and to learn more about our products.