Top Reasons to Consider Motorized Window Treatments

why motorized window treatments

Once considered a novelty upgrade only available to the rich and famous, motorized window treatments have become a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Not only are motorized window coverings pleasing to the eye, they practical and beneficial.
Here are a few reasons you should consider motorized window treatments:

1. They conserve energy

There are several ways motorized window treatments can be used to help you save on energy costs.

Scheduling and programing your shades allows you to control how much light and heat can enter your space, even when you aren’t there. This can help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without putting a strain on your cooling or heating system.

Some motorized window treatments can also be paired with a special sensor that signals them to close and open based on outside temperature and lighting.

2. They make your home and office easily accessible to everyone.

Whether you are elderly, disabled, or your windows are just too high, motorized window treatments allow you to control lighting, glare, and privacy with the push of a button.

3. They are one of the safest options

Not only are cords a bit tacky, they are a safety hazard as well. Motorized window treatments do not require a cord or chain to function. This is a better option for homes with small children or pets. Because of this, most motorized options have been certified as “Safe for Kids” by the Window Covering Safety Council.

4. They Are User Friendly and Convenient

Motorized Window treatments give you the convenience of scheduling you shade to open and close whenever you’d like. And for most brands, you don’t even have to be home to do this!

Somfy Motors for example, give you the ability to control your shades from either a remote, cellphone app, or wall switch. Allowing you to customize how you want to control your window treatments. You can also link your Somfy window treatments to your home automation systems!

Lutron window treatments are also great with home automation systems. This is very convenient because you can install it to your existing light, security, and home system which means no new devices or programs.

Other motorized window treatment brands that offer convenient and user-friendly operation include Rollease Acmeda and Hunter Douglas.

why motorized window treatments

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