Blackout shades are effective light-blocking shades and provides ultimate privacy. They can be either paired with other curtains or used alone for the enhancement of your home décor. Irrespective of the name, Blackout shades are not necessarily black in color and can accommodate even the most challenging room design. Blackout shades can be used in offices and small auditorium alike, as they are able to darken the room to a desired level to prevent disruption of presentations from sunlight. Blackout shades are mostly used to block out the rays of the sun from paying you a rude awakening – perfect for nurseries that needs darkening blinds to avoid any form of sunlight disturbance to a sleeping baby. Artificial light or daylight can disrupt normal sleep and can be quite irritating and this is where blackout shades comes in handy. Blackout shades are not made from one set of material. In general, all blackout shades are somewhat plastic and tough in texture. Most of them are made from fiberglass, vinyl, plastic or a mixture of any of these materials and are available in traditional roll style or curtains. If many shades are need, then blackout shades is a good option.