Sunlight is important to any home as a result of the charm, warmth and cheerfulness it adds to the home. Plus, it’s an important decorative element. Silhouette shades provides the perfect solution, which offers you the same light-filtering function as blinds. When a natural light is used to illuminate the interior of any room, it’s referred to as daylighting. Silhouette provides homeowners with daylighting by filtering the incoming glow, thereby creating a warm glow. The need for artificial light is lowered when there’s more natural light and this is exactly what you get with silhouettes. In the open-vane position, they have the ability of filtering out as much as 86% of harmful UV rays and almost all in the closed position, thereby protecting your furniture from the harmful rays of the sun. Silhouette shades feature elegance and beauty by creating a unique visual experience. It combines the advantages of shades, draperies and blinds, as well as offer you light control, clear view of the outside, energy efficiency, UV protection, privacy and specialty shape applications.