Woven bamboo shades are beautiful window treatment products to decorate your homes and are very ecological friendly. They are an instant way of bringing an organic, earthy feel to your room, no matter the type of design. Woven shades not only provide homeowners with light control and privacy, but also offer them a rich textural element that will help in the enhancement of their space. Bamboo is a completely natural product and comes from the most rapidly growing tree in the world. Genuine woven bamboo shades are produced from this tree and as a result adds natural beauty to homes. The fabric used in the production of the woven bamboo shades is a collection of colored bamboo reeds and tubes that are woven together into a unique shade. This makes for the different and unique look of every bamboo shade, which are always a beauty unto itself. Another thing that adds to the uniqueness of the bamboo shades is the particular staining technique used on them. This makes every stick of bamboo look different both in color and in other little details, thereby giving them their natural and unique look. If you’re looking for an earthen look, then the woven bamboo shades are a nice option.