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According to a study conducted at the University for North Carolina, lighting can have a huge impact on concentration, mood, and productivity at work. This research mentioned how each room should have a specific kind of lighting from warm, cool, to milder tones. Fortunately, there are more options to achieve the right lighting then purchasing different color lightbulbs for your entire building as most would suggest.  Window Treatments can actually help you achieve the lighting  your office needs and can even make your space more energy efficient.

How to use window treatments to increase workplace productivity:

Solar Shades for offices

1. Add Solar Shades to the Common Areas, Offices, and Receptionist Area.
Letting the right amount of natural light into a room helps with not only mood and emotion, but productivity as well. Because of this, you will find offices with many large windows to let in as much natural light as possible. During certain times of the day however, all of this light can be more of a burden by heating up the office, creating too much glare on computer screens, and hurting the eyes of visitors and staff.

Solar shade window treatments are beautiful and functional, with the durability to last.
Solar shades come in different opacities to let the right amount of light in while blocking glare and lowering solar gain, allowing everyone to work comfortably and productively all-day long.

With commercial solar shades, you can expect energy efficiency, visual comfort, daylighting benefits, worker satisfaction and more.

office window shades

2. Add Dual Shades to Conference/Meeting Rooms
It is very important that company meetings are as productive as possible. Dual solar and blackout window treatments provide optimized light management in meeting and conference rooms.

As mentioned before, the solar shades can help limit excess lighting and heat, but they can also add privacy needed from neighboring buildings or offices, limit outside distractions, and make personal screen use easier.

When paired with blackout shades, you can block out all natural light which is ideal for viewing presentations and other group media events such as video calls.

3. Bonus: Add Motorization for additional Benefits
It’s great to add window treatments to your office building for the benefits mentioned above, but what will make these even more efficient is motorization. Motorizing your office window treatments can offer the following benefits:
Control shades without having to stop what you’re doing to painstakingly adjust them one by one.
Program and schedule your shades to raise or lower during the same time each day so you will always have the perfect lighting
With sensors, your window treatments can sense the temperature and lighting outside and adjust accordingly
Full office automation- Your motorized window treatments can work with your current automation system.
Control shades with remote, smart phone, tablet, or via voice control (Siri, GoogleHome, Alexa).

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